Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Gold Key

A few months ago my daughter and I were at the laundry mat and she asked for money to purchase something from the bubblegum machine. I gave her some change and she returns with a plastic bubble container. She is so excited as she opens it and finds a gold necklace with a gold key charm…..she thinks it is the most gorgeous necklace she has ever seen and immediately puts it on. (I am praying her poor neck doesn't turn green) She is so proud of this necklace and wears it for days until the necklace breaks. All she is left with is the gold key….which she puts in her room with all her other special treasures!

A few weeks later my daughter’s godmother (Aunt CC) calls and says I found something in my washer that belongs to you. (That week I had done a load of laundry at her house) “It looks like some sort of charm.” Charm? I thought and quickly denied that it was ours. “I think it is a gold key,” she said. I wondered,”How did that gold key get into her washer?”.

Well after the call, I forgot about the 50 cent gold key until a few weeks later. I was over at Aunt CC’s and found the gold key lying on a random table in her home. I remember picking up the gold key but don’t really know what I did with it….maybe I put it in my purse, gave it to my daughter….who knows?

Again a few weeks later, my daughter and I are walking out of church to out car and I look down and in the parking lot -- what is staring back at me -- THE GOLD KEY! I could not believe it! How did it get to my church parking lot and how long had it been there? I happened to look down and see it….AMAZING!

OK I finally was getting that there was probably some sort of MESSAGE here!!! (I had a dream a few years ago about a gold key and I could not find it so I wondered it there could be a link?)
I took the gold key home and placed it on top of my computer so I would remember and pursue what was God trying to tell me. It sat on my computer for a month or so until we moved to our new apartment. I thought I had been careful with the gold key….I don't know moving was a blur. When I went to inspect the old apartment one last time….what do you think was on the floor in the middle of the living room -- you guessed it the gold key!

So as I write this, the gold key sits on my computer as a reminder that God speaks to us in many ways, dreams, visions, audible words, songs, rhema words, prophetic words, and (I believe) symbols! And yes I have begun to receive some of the revelation linked to the gold key.

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