Saturday, January 24, 2009

Full of Sparkle

As a infant and toddler, my daughter went by the nickname, Kiki. On her fifth birthday, after blowing out the candles on her cake, she declared that she wanted to be called Kiera - her given name.

Since Kindergarten would be starting in a few weeks I said that would be a good time to make the name change. I wanted to make sure she was really serious about going by Kiera, so about a week before school started I checked in with her again about the name change.

Me: What do you want your friends to call you at school?
Kiera: Kiera
Me: Are you sure?
Kiera: Well, they could call me Princess Sparkle!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today is the Day

When Kiera's father Eric left, I told her that he had problems in his heart that he had to get fixed with God. A few years ago, he briefly came back into her life for a few months, he echoed the same words, "he was getting his heart fixed with God."

The Lord has been impressing on my heart for several months that in 2009 I would need to tell Kiera the "rest of the story". I had two people tell me in 2008 she was ready...but I was not ready. I knew my resistance was fear and control manifesting...YUCK! So I prayed and resolved that I would be obedient.

I asked God for the words and He reminded me of a letter that Eric had written to her explaining everything...while it is a painful letter... he explained his drug addiction and recent incarceration but he pointed back to God and how we must keep our eyes on Him or we go astray as he has done.....

On 01/11/09 I felt God say today is the day! I told Kiera that I wanted to talk with her but wanted to pray first...I wanted the Holy Spirit there with me! After praying, I read the letter and Kiera was stunned initially and then she said we must pray for him and we can even ask our church to pray for him. We talked a bit more, prayed, and she cried. About, an hour later Kiera came to me and said, "I am suppose to rip the letter up, forget about the letter and leave it in the past - let go." (I had mixed feelings about this...but felt I was to honor her) I told her OK...she got the letter and RIPPED it up! Immediately, she said, "Mom, I am vibrating - is that joy?" I said yes it is...she shook with the joy of the Lord for a few hours...crying out to the Lord for her father and praying in tongues. Ripping up that letter and leaving it in the past, letting it go... brought the sweet glory of our precious Father. The Lord is so sweet and has comforted her more than I ever could have! Thank you Lord Jesus for being so faithful to us - we love you!

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. John 14:18