Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Forgive Again

Last year my daughter, Kiera came home from school with a report stating she needed a bit more academic support in her reading. I was so angry…very angry.

As I sat on my couch trying to figure out when I would fit this new assignment into my already jam-packed schedule – I just fumed. I was not happy!

I knew I was mad but I also realized I was a bit over the top with my feelings about this situation. I was not upset with my daughter or the school but I was very frustrated.

I called Aunt CC to vent and as I was talking to her, I said, “if Eric (Kiera’s father) was here I would not be in this situation.” I would not have all this responsibility on my own – I was so angry with him. I was overwhelmed with the magnitude of the responsibility of raising my daughter alone.

Now, I thought I had resolved this and forgiven him and forgiven him and FORGIVEN him some MORE. Evidently, God was allowing me to see I still was operating in some unforgiveness. I cried – frankly I was sick of forgiving him BUT I also knew I did not want bitterness to get a foothold in my life. I cried some more and then I forgave Eric again and asked God to forgive me for harboring this anger – I had not seen it. God is so gracious – I instantly felt lighter and happy again. The overwhelmed feeling was gone.

Thank you Lord for sifting me, again!


Michele said...

It's hard - I know.
Thank God for His grace!!

Cris Aguilar said...

I think it is ok if not good to be angry at times. There is a point of that turning to sin as well as bitterness. We need to watch for that but I believe that justified anger is good. Sometimes that anger leads us to speak out against unjustice and abuse.

I feel your pain when feeling alone. In the end remember teaching character is far more important than acidemics, no matter what a teacher tells you. :)