Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Make Sure You are Carrying the Right ID

I remember the day I realized I was getting a divorce. "I can't get another divorce...not again," I thought. Instantly, I had flashbacks to the aftermath of my first divorce. I was not ready to be relegated back to eating at the table of failure and wearing the crown of shame. As the memories twirled around me, suddenly I heard a voice that said, " look up". I looked up above my circumstances and looked into the eyes of my Heavenly Father.

He said, I so love you (John 15:9) and you are My child (Romans 8:16). You have been sanctified (John 17:17), justified, and glorified (Romans 8:30). You are not under the law but under My grace (Romans 6:14) and you are My precious precious child (Romans 8:16).

I saw that I had a choice of two paths, one of lies and oppression or one of truth and my Father would be there to walk it out with me -- holding my hand tightly. I realized that my reality was changing but my identity in Him could not be shaken.

Am I saying God likes divorce? Nope I am not...divorce equals division and this is not a part of the character of God...He is a God of multiplication. What I am saying is that my actions do not change the view God has of me. He loves me...I am his absolute favorite forever!

We must carry this revelation in our hearts as we face the future. Walking through divorce is difficult but with our faithful Father loving on us...our broken hearts and wounds are healed completely. Do not allow others to put their religious ideologies upon you but look to your Daddy in heaven. Look deep into His eyes...He so adores you and he is inviting you to eat at His table wearing a crown of hope.

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