Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Week in Review

This week:

I saw a homeless man ravaging through a trashcan and eating what ever he could find. He was so hungry and desperate.

I saw a mom being arrested for shoplifting. Her 3 year old kept looking up at her trying to catch her attention so she would pick him up into her arms. The child looked so sad and broken hearted.

As I was sitting in traffic with my window rolled down, I saw and clearly heard, a pimp asking a man walking by if he wanted to go and have some fun with his lady friend. The woman's face was so vacant. As the man pushed the pimp aside, the woman looked so rejected, tired, and scared.

I was driving and I saw a man laying on the sidewalk. I turned my car around and called 911. I waited for help to arrive. Help arrived and I was going to drive away...when the fire fighter came up to my car to inform me in a very sarcastic tone...that the man was merely passed out and they came to his rescue daily - as if the mans existence was such an inconvenience.

My heart breaks when I see hurting people, I just want to let them know that Jesus loves them and that there is hope. The poor and brokenhearted need truth which is found in Jesus. I believe we are to step out and be the bridge between the broken and true hope.

I know a man that was baptised on New Years Day. We always include God in our conversations when I visit with him. This man has had a difficult life and his health is poor. He recently had surgery. When I was there this week he kept holding his arm where he had the surgery. I asked him if I could pray for him. You should have seen his face...priceless! He said, " sure you can." So, I prayed for him and he looks up and yells, "you are a sign and a wonder..." Isn't that sweet...God is good!

We can't allow the hopelessness we see to overcome us. Our eyes must look above the hurt and disappointment and seize the opportunities that God creates for us to step into and decree his truth, hope, and love.


Anonymous said...


You are awesome. I've just spent some time getting caught up - and your posts are so beautiful. You have such a kind heart and Kiera is so blessed to have you. Thank you for sharing and I want you to know that I am blessed to be your friend. : )


Carly said...

I am always so touched after reading your blogs. Please keep them up. I really am blessed to have you as a dear friend. Thank you!