Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Catch the Vision

One Sunday, my daughter and I are driving to church. She turns to me in a serious tone and says, "Mom, we have to get an airplane and fill it up with Bibles and drop them out of the plane over Mexico. And they will say its raining Bibles. We have to go to every state and tell them what we are doing so they can help us."

I loved it! My child was casting vision. We discussed how we could do it. I told her we could not go to all the states now but maybe we could write a letter and send it out...asking for Bibles. I also had to tell her we would probably not be able to get a plane but maybe we could mail the Bibles to Mexico. Although we both agreed it would be cool for it to rain Bibles in Mexico!

My daughter and I wrote a letter and sent it out to family and friends. Kiera collected over 50 Bibles. It was very exciting! Our church sent the Bibles to Mexico.

The point of this post is to really to encourage parents to listen to your children and if they cast vision to help others -- catch it. God is speaking to our children and we need to honor that everyone can be used to further the kingdom.

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