Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Make Sure You are Carrying the Right ID

I remember the day I realized I was getting a divorce. "I can't get another divorce...not again," I thought. Instantly, I had flashbacks to the aftermath of my first divorce. I was not ready to be relegated back to eating at the table of failure and wearing the crown of shame. As the memories twirled around me, suddenly I heard a voice that said, " look up". I looked up above my circumstances and looked into the eyes of my Heavenly Father.

He said, I so love you (John 15:9) and you are My child (Romans 8:16). You have been sanctified (John 17:17), justified, and glorified (Romans 8:30). You are not under the law but under My grace (Romans 6:14) and you are My precious precious child (Romans 8:16).

I saw that I had a choice of two paths, one of lies and oppression or one of truth and my Father would be there to walk it out with me -- holding my hand tightly. I realized that my reality was changing but my identity in Him could not be shaken.

Am I saying God likes divorce? Nope I am not...divorce equals division and this is not a part of the character of God...He is a God of multiplication. What I am saying is that my actions do not change the view God has of me. He loves me...I am his absolute favorite forever!

We must carry this revelation in our hearts as we face the future. Walking through divorce is difficult but with our faithful Father loving on us...our broken hearts and wounds are healed completely. Do not allow others to put their religious ideologies upon you but look to your Daddy in heaven. Look deep into His eyes...He so adores you and he is inviting you to eat at His table wearing a crown of hope.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Save you!

Recently, my daughter said to me, "Mommy, if anyone tried to hurt you...I would give my life to save you." After trying to recapture my composure, I reassured her that I felt we both were safe. Then I said, "if anyone tried to hurt you...I would give my life to save you!"

A few minutes later, she said, "I don't think my father would give his life to save me...."

OK seriously, what do you say to that kind of statement? I hope she is wrong...but I don't have any real substantial evidence to prove her wrong....

A few days later, I got the answer!

I reminded her what she had said about her father. I said, " Actually Kiera, your Heavenly Father died for you and me on the cross and rose again"....and because He did this for us...we have:

Forgiveness, Right Standing with God, Complete Acceptance, Financial Abundance, Healing, Blessings, Life, and we share in His glory.

He gave His life so that we would have life...He saved you!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Leaving a Legacy

This May my daughter Olivia would have been 10 years old. Her sweet life still impacts me today. When I was pregnant with her, I had been to the doctor during my first trimester and all was well. During my second trimester as I laid in the doctor's office having the longest sonogram on the planet. The doctor came in and told me he had scheduled me for a level two sonogram. What in the world was he talking about?

I was in a bit of a daze after that...I went to my level two sonogram and received devastating news. My daughter had a tumor on her chest and her heart and lungs would be unable to grow correctly. She would not be able to sustain life once she was born.

I was stunned and angry.

I went through the nine months of pregnancy, I remember driving to the hospital to have her and feeling like I was living a paradox. I was giving birth which equaled life but for Olivia it meant death. Olivia was born and lived for two hours. She was a beautiful beautiful baby.

When I went for my six week check up, I was still trying to understand the last nine months of my life. I was talking with the nurse and said, "I just don't understand why Olivia had to die - what was the purpose?" The nurse turned and looked at me and said, "She came to change your life." Those words cut to my heart.

She did change my life...she change everything. Just like Jesus, He came to change our lives. His ministry, death, and resurrection left a powerful legacy that touches us today. I think that is what life is about to live your life in such a ways that it emulates truth that leads back to God. Olivia grasped life and ran her race hard. She changed the landscape of my life. She left a powerful legacy.

Olivia Adrian Middleton
May 25, 1999

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Catch the Vision

One Sunday, my daughter and I are driving to church. She turns to me in a serious tone and says, "Mom, we have to get an airplane and fill it up with Bibles and drop them out of the plane over Mexico. And they will say its raining Bibles. We have to go to every state and tell them what we are doing so they can help us."

I loved it! My child was casting vision. We discussed how we could do it. I told her we could not go to all the states now but maybe we could write a letter and send it out...asking for Bibles. I also had to tell her we would probably not be able to get a plane but maybe we could mail the Bibles to Mexico. Although we both agreed it would be cool for it to rain Bibles in Mexico!

My daughter and I wrote a letter and sent it out to family and friends. Kiera collected over 50 Bibles. It was very exciting! Our church sent the Bibles to Mexico.

The point of this post is to really to encourage parents to listen to your children and if they cast vision to help others -- catch it. God is speaking to our children and we need to honor that everyone can be used to further the kingdom.