Friday, November 27, 2009

Long Shot!

I had a mission when we arrived at Target, on Black Friday. I knew that they had the Casio Keyboards on sale for half price and I wanted to buy one for Kiera for Christmas. I had only one small problem...she was with me. I did not know how long the sale or inventory would last and I did not want to miss out on a great deal. So, I devised a plan. I got a cart and a giant quilt (which had already been unwrapped) from the Bedding Department. I told Kiera to wait on the movie aisle and not peek. I hurried and had the salesman quickly put the keyboard in my basket and covered it with the giant quilt. I picked Kiera back up with the shrouded gift. We shopped for a while and the plan was going well until a corner of the quilt came up and revealed the photo of the keyboard. She began squealing and jumping up and down in pure excitement! I was sick to my stomach...half the excitement on Christmas morning was the element of suprise and the glee on your childs face...then the verbal pressure began to be poured upon me...about how she would be unable to concentrate at school because she would be thinking about her if she were able to play it tonight...she could probably write a top 40 hit........Yes, I caved. I decided to enjoy the wave of enthusiasm and hope it would carry us closer to Christmas Day!

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Jen said...

We bought the kids scooters for Christmas but also ended up giving them to them today. It was a beautiful day and they had nothing to do outside! They loved them!