Friday, November 13, 2009

A Four Year old Vessel

The following story is being told to bring honor to our King, our Father in Heaven. He so desires for us ALL to walk in His manifest power and glory! It is so easy, that even a four year old can be a conduit for His power!

When Kiera was in Pre-K, she attended the after school program and he had a sweet teacher named Ms. O. One day Kiera asked Ms. O to please tie her shoes. Ms. O directed Kiera to sit up on the table and she would tie her shoes. Ms. O literally could not bend her back and was in massive pain due to a back injury the previous day.

She had been walking up the wooden steps at the school and had fallen, injuring her back. She did not go to the doctor but the next morning her husband had to assist her in getting out of the bed due to the intense pain and stiffness. She was in such intense pain, she had even asked the older students to cut the apples for snack for the smaller students.

Kiera realized something was wrong, and asked Ms. O what was wrong. She explained to Kiera that she had hurt her back. Kiera immediately asked the teacher if she could pray for her. Before Ms. O could even answer, Kiera had placed her hands on her back and began to pray for her.

When I arrived to pick Kiera up, Ms. O was beaming and told me what had happened. She said I am healed and immediately bent over touching the floor. God is so amazing and so wants His healing power to wash over the planet - be a vessel.

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