Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chapter 10 Divine

Last March Kiera and I separately received prophetic words/prayers for Eric.

Kiera's word:

Open the door/gate
Open the Bible
Be alert
God has faith in you
He has a treasure for you
that is waiting just for you
Birds are singing
Leaves are falling
Trees are blowing in your face
There is a promise in the storm
Rebuke Satan
Leave spirit of rejection

The word I heard in the spirit:

You went to jail
You are being given time to walk
through the door of restoration
You have to walk through the door alone
You keep trying to walk through with people and agenda's
You won't fit because the gate is narrow
God will be your only companion
He wants to walk with you
that is the desire of His heart
to be your friend
you are His beloved son.
Rejection, abandonment, and trauma
have come against you and bound your mind
and created a warped framework
that you look and operate out of
God so desires to restore you and heal your broken heart.

As I was driving a few weeks ago to an appointment, I saw my Eric walking in the rain with a box balanced on his head. While there have been sporadic phone calls over the past few years...I have not seen him in five years. I drove past him initially, not really sure what to do.

After asking the Lord, I felt I was to got back.

I pulled up next to him and asked him what he was doing? As he stood there, he put the box down on the ground near his feet. The rain was falling on him but he had a hood on. I kept talking to him through my open car door window. (As I was talking to him I realized he was coming down from a high...which he admitted to.) I asked him if he needed something to eat. He said no and I asked when the last time he had eaten and he said that morning. I asked him if he still had that word that Kiera had gotten from the Lord for him last spring. (I had been able to give it to him when he had called last spring) He said he did not have it with I reminded him of a key line in that prayer...which says there is a promise in the storm...I reiterated to him that their was a promise in his storm and that the Lord would forgive him instantly if he walked out of this old worn out yesterday role he continues to walk in. He got teary eyed...but no response. I looked down into the box and realized it was full of liquor.

I asked him if he wanted me to take him to the Bridge (Homeless Shelter in Dallas, TX) or to a rehab...he declined both offers. He is living on the streets - with out a plan! I asked if I could pray for was a good prayer but a difficult prayer in that I instantly felt defenses go up around him - lots of resistance.....after asking him again...was there anything I could do for him and replying no...he picked his box back up and put it on his head and walked away in the rain.

I so feel that this event was a prophetic message to me (and others)...of how to pray for Eric. I felt like the Lord said to pray that his "boxed in thinking...his addiction" would be broken off him. That that box is not only blocking all the blessings and glory God wants to pour upon him...but it really blocks any kind of clear/rational thinking. Please pray that he would receive the revelation that he has the power to put his addiction down as he did so easily when we were talking.

He also had this bright bright green backpack on his back (which would never have been his style and kinda stuck out in a would not want to draw attention to yourself.) I felt like the Lord said he has access to life/future to move forward but he can't see that because it is behind him but if he will just turn around and walk away from that lifestyle that resurrection life is right in front of him!

I would like to ask to come into agreement with Kiera and I for Eric's life to be restored. I believe it can happen. I also do not think it was some random meeting...five represents I believe God truly is offering Eric His grace!


Anonymous said...


Your heart for Eric amazes me!! When so many people would be turning away and trying to continue to seek and pray for him. You are so inspiring to me. Thank you for sharing your story so openly. I will be praying with you for Eric.

Anonymous said...

Our family has never stopped praying for Eric. Somehow we feel he is still a part of our family.
We also pray for you and sweet KiKi to. . .