Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sweet Song from a Sweet Girl

God is looking down, God is looking down God is looking down
all around, up and down, to the left and to the right
looking at your heart
all He has to do
is open his hands
and blow a kiss on you
and you will fall in the love pit
your mind is not His mind

He has chosen you
He is watching over Mexico, Hollywood, and TX
if you are in dark
turn your back
even if you don't believe
He will still love you
once you pray
He will forgive you
and forget
1,2,3 just like that
if you are in dark
God is watchin' down on you

He has opened the door - gate
open the door
I will give you a secret
He is not looking from the door but from above
He is looking from up above
He is above the milky way

if you are in the dark
turn your back
shut the door
and lock the locks
give God your gift

He can give his heart away
He can never stop
Given by the Lord to sweet Kiera

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