Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Throwing Buddha in the Dumpster!

I have a friend who was recently telling me his testimony. I love testimonies - they are so full of God's hope, love, and power! My friend had been on drugs for several years and he told of how God had miraculously delivered him from his addiction. He has been off drugs for over four years! It was truly an amazing testimony.

As I soaked within the eyes land on this giant green Buddha statue sitting on his book shelf. It kinda jolted me.

As I thanked him for sharing his story, I told him I was a bit confused. I said if you believe in God and know God...then why do you have Buddha sitting on your book shelf? He gave me some crazy reason...but then admitted he thought it looked classy. I challenged him and kindly (strongly) suggested he get rid of it. He said I was not the first person that had said something about it.

A few weeks later, I returned to visit my friend and having totally forgotten about our conversation. As I walked in, the first words out of his mouth were, "take Buddha with you today when you leave." I was stunned..."really?", I said gleefully. He admitted he had thought about what I had said and he decided he should get rid of it. We chatted for a while and then as I was leaving, he reminded me to take Buddha with me.

I grabbed that old statue and walked (ran) straight to the dumpster. I threw Buddha that was exciting! I felt full of God's love, hope and power!

I had a message on my phone later from my friend. He said he was calling on behalf of his mother. She wanted to thank me for getting the demon out of her sons apartment! She had been the other person encouraging him to get rid of the statue!

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Cris Aguilar said...

We either believe Him and His word or not. I am glad you were bold enough to ask him to do right. There are so many hidden idols in our life. If we were to simply open our eyes to what distracts us from giving all to our saviour I believe our lives would be radiant as He desires. We can do it with His strengh!