Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I recently took my daughter to see a movie...just relaxing ...hanging out with my daughter...standing in line for the tickets....when she turns to me and says, "Mom, if there were slaves today...would I be one?"

This is not the only painful and difficult questions she has asked me in the past few months about race. We were at Target a few months ago and I asked her if she wanted a pair of Converse shoes. She answered, "only white girls can wear those." I was horrified. I asked her where she got that idealogy (OK I did not use that word!). I explained to her that the color of her skin does not determine what you can and can not wear, can be, or where you go. I told her that as God's daughter she sets the standard -- she has the freedom.

Later after the movie (which had nothing to do with slavery by the way) she explains to me...if she had been a slave what she would have said to the white people, "I would have said look we are the same, look we have both have brains, two eyes and two ears and two hands and two feet -- the only difference is we have different color skin." I told she was exactly right....

Then she asks, " would they have whipped me because I said that... "

I do not like having to reveal the painful and shameful history to her and I never expected to be having this chat when she was seven. Kiera and I talk about American history but I always come back to her true identity...which is as God's daughter.

A few friends who had knew about this conversation gave the following prophetic words about Kiera:

She is going to be a world-changer...The revelation that God is giving Keira is right. He is helping her think through this foundational truth in a way that is personal to her. She has dark skin, so she can empathize with that. God is setting a Kingdom world view deep in her spirit. At some point she will realize that He is talking to her about her. His love story for Kiera. Her birth into slavery and the war He declared on her captors who enslaved her. The truth, that He fought for her to the death with everything He had, everything He was - holding nothing back because He loves her so much. When she gets this, it will cause her to fall deeply and madly in love with Him. Then she will pick up the sword and begin to fight - from her love, for her lover. She will declare war for the freedom of others. She will pick up the sword and fight to set others free. It is her calling, her destiny, and the song in her heart. I can see that warrior/overcoming spirit on Keira. It is her destiny, just like her mama’s. She is called to fight, but first God is causing her to love. He is revealing His broken heart for those who are not free so she can be a passionate fighter. You can’t be a passionate fighter without a heart that can feel and know love.

Once she gets that, she can be truly free no matter what external bondage holds her – just like Paul in prison. And, she can lead others to freedom.

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