Monday, December 8, 2008

Hollywood Bound

My daughter told me recently, that when she grows up and gets married....she is moving to Hollywood and becoming famous. I believe her. Something about her tone and it just seems so possible. We talk about what she will do in Hollywood, sing, dance, model, act, emulate God's light and love.....

One day as we talked, we stopped at a local mini mart to buy some drinks...we were so thirsty. I got the drinks as she browsed the store. As I was paying, she runs up to me with a horrified look on her face and hands me a pornographic magazine. I grabbed the magazine from her and threw it on the counter and demanded to know why this trash was out for a minor child to see. The clerk looked stunned. I reminded the clerk that I could call the police and have him ticketed for this violation. At this point, the clerk is mumbling some excuse...I did not listen but just headed out the front door. (Maybe I should have done more but I just wanted to get my child out of there and I could tell she was reeling.)

As we sat in our car in the front of the store, Kiera says in the most concerned worried voice, "Mom, that lady's picture is on that magazine and her boob is showing and she doesn't know it."

This is one of those moments I hope will never happen but I know that my daughter will eventually learn the evilness that attempts to lurk in the world. So I gently tell her that the women knows her picture is on the front of the magazine and that her boob is showing. I said there are some people in the world that have such broken hearts -- that they make choices that hurt them. I can see her processing the incident and all this new information.

Suddenly she says, "you mean her boss ask her to take that picture?" In which I answered, "yes." Kiera in the most authoritative voice says, "well Mom if my boss ever asks me to take a picture like that...I will tell him that I will have to quit this job!"

That evening when Kiera went to bed, she asked again about the lady on the magazine. She said I just feel so sad for her. We decided to pray for her.

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