Sunday, December 14, 2008


I am reading a book by Chuck Pierce -- Interpreting the Times (FABULOUS book!)

Pierce writes about Matthew 11:12 -- And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. He goes on to explain that FORCE is a word that denotes power, strength, and straining. Here are ten strands that better explain the concept that Jesus was attempting to bring forth through the ages:

He will have a people filled with strength.
He will have a people who gain momentum
He will have a people of accurate moral reason and judgement.
He will have a people of violence.
He will have a people of virtue.
He will have a people who have the power to bind and loose.
He will have a people of destiny.
He will have a people who move like a raging storm in the earth
He will have a people, who like Jesus, fulfill the law without being confined to the law of the earth.
He will have a people filled with strength and power for war.

(This is all found on pages 135-137.)

I thought this was so relevant to us. I think we all represent different strands of the FORCE. We all have different giftings and God uses those all together. I remember a couple of years ago, a friend was venting about the "mundane parts" of life...which I never articulated myself BUT SO IDENTIFIED with this person...the wiping of snotty noses, the making of the peanut butter sandwiches day in and day out, etc....

I think the above revelation cracks that our life is mundane framework...nothing is for waste...whether we are pouring into our children or praying with a friend about global issues. WE ARE RELEVANT in the kingdom and we are part of that force! I don't think we have to be in Washington DC to be a part of the the Force! Please know y'all are powerful in the changers and you don't even have to leave the city limits!

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