Sunday, July 20, 2008

Camp of Victory

I remember a time when I did not encourage my daughter to pray for her father’s return to her life. What was that about?

I believe we make choices based on our fundamental beliefs.

I realized I had some disappointments in my life that had manifested into unbelief. I had allowed those disappointments to define who Jesus was to me. My vision of Jesus was not congruent to the true Jesus in the Bible. I love Jesus and had given him my heart …… but my heart was hard.

When we pray, we are standing in faith that God will hear and answer our prayers. God is extending us an invitation to believe and have faith in Him. When we come to God with our prayers …we are accepting His invitation.

In the past, I had prayed faithfully and God had answered….just not the way I wanted…disappointment began to set in. Evidently that disappointment took root and when another invitation came and I did not even RSVP – my heart was hard.

I had a big problem.

The love of my heavenly Father is so healing to the heart. Over time God began to heal and woo my heart…my daughter began asking tough questions – I knew I had to make a decision…was I going to accept the invitation or continue to live with a hard heart?

We have decided to accept the invitation and join the party in the Camp of Victory!

Recently, God gave me the word – Justice to decree over my daughter’s and her father’s relationship. I think this is a word for all children…who have lost fathers.

We decree Justice over the relationship between my daughter and her father. We pray he returns to her life, today! If he does not we will continue to live in the camp of Victory surrounded by a bit of mystery – we don’t always understand but we don’t have to – God has us in His hands!

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Cris Aguilar said...

There has been a small current that over time has been flowing in regards to fathers. I'm afraid that current has grown to a point where fathers are optional. Sometimes it's the little things we do that send huge messages to our children (and fathers) in regards to what is important. Fathers on an individual basis must make decisions to not walk away and be active in their children's life. Things would change radicaly if fathers would father their own.

I found this artical awhile and thoguht I would share it.

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