Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just Give

When my daughter and I first moved into the city, she enjoyed the new sights and asked lots of questions. One afternoon as we were driving home, my daughter saw a man on the side of the road holding a sign. He was obviously homeless – tattered clothes and he looked tired.

She asked me what the sign said and I told her the man was asking for money. “Why does he want money, Mom?” she asked. I tried to explain to my six year old the plight of the homeless. I told her the man did not have a home, job, or food and needed money to secure these items.

As she listened and took all the new information in, she quickly replied, “well, give him some.”

Wow! Why didn’t I think of that – the world’s problem solved! I thought about this incident all week – her words had sounded so simple and appealing.

Why didn’t I just give him some money......why had giving to the poor – become so complicated?

In my self righteous mind, I justified my lack of giving him money......because as a good Christian I needed to be a good steward of my money and I did not know what this stranger on the side of the road would do with my money. I was not going to fund foolish behavior.

In my heart I knew this was not right and I was choking on my judgment of this man.

I thought about the Gospels and how it instructs us several times, to give to the poor......I also thought about how God has blessed my daughter and I......I always say, we live “the best life ever.” Doesn’t God want that man on the side of the road to live “the best life ever?”

He absolutely does and I realized that at that moment when we interface with someone in need that we may the conduit for that “life” to begin… give hope. I do not believe I am responsible for what the man does with the money but I am responsible to give with a happy heart.

Since my revelation……have I given every time that I have had the opportunity? I would like to say – yes, absolutely……but that would not be true. What I can say is......I have given more.

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