Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Go High

I love it when your eight year old set the standard! Recently, my daughter has been confronted by a betrayal...which would have derailed anyone...and did derail me initially. The betrayal was a low blow and left so many unanswered questions about love and relationship. Keira was emotional over the incident and asked a lot of questions, just trying to grasp every one's role and agenda in the incident.

The next day, we were at church and Kiera drew a picture of the three crosses on a hill and there were big hearts and angels surrounding the cross in the middle of the sweet! She began her run for the higher truth about life...she chose life. She loves Jesus so much and knows He will never leave her nor forsake her. Later we went a friends house for lunch, and Kiera said that a black cloud was trying to come over her and asked if we would all pray for her. She knows the Lord does not want to leave her in the valley of despair and disappointment...she chose life. After we prayed for her, she ran off to go and play!

That afternoon, she reassured me that she felt fine but I decided that we would go back to church for a bit more prayer. As we waited in the soaking room to receive prayer, the spirit of joy overtook Keira and she could not quit there she hung upside down in her chair laughing and waiting for more kisses from heaven!

That evening we went to another church service. When we arrived they were taking up the offering and wanted people to bring it to the front and go through a glory tunnel. As we walked up, the man at the beginning of the line looked at Keira and said, "You are so beautiful!" He then looked away for a moment and immediately turned back and hugged her telling her again how beautiful she was. She continued to move forward and the people had oil to dot your forehead and hands...when they saw her something supernatural happened...they all were rubbing oil on her forehead and hands and gave her quick hugs as she walked through...she had the biggest grin on her face! She had chosen life and her Father's love was manifesting through these people. She understood that and just glowed.

As we went back to our seats, she asked to go to the front and dance as we waited for the other 2000 people to go through the glory tunnel. Keira danced the next half hour with flags and a tambourine before her Father. When we left and got in the car, Keira said, " I am full of joy!" This was literally 24 hours after the sad news and she had chosen to go high and her Father had met her with open arms! I am in awe of her example and aspire to always go high when I receive a low blow...God so wants to kiss our face and hold us tight!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful story!

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful!!!! I love it!!!!

Cris Aguilar said...

As I continue on my journey I am often reminded that it is I that finds my way wondering away from God and His glory. We must constantly pushing away from our flesh and towards Him.

Praying for you both!