Friday, August 28, 2009

God's Glory

Recently, as my daughter and I were were driving she began talking about her father. Periodically, she kinda reviews the "facts" about him. I believe this helpful to her and healthy way for her to talk about him.

She said, "I hope God's glory comes soon for those people that made bad choices." I loved this statement and thought, I hope His glory comes soon for those people too...but would like some of God's glory myself!

As I drove a few blocks, the Holy Spirit nudged me and reminded me that I was eligible for His glory too.....

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Lisa said...

DEANNA, YOU are posting again. I can not tell you how thrilled I am. I came to your blog today to be inspired by some of your old post and lo and behold.- New ones. Deanna. You have a gift, and I m not just saying that. The world needs to hear your perspective on life and be encouraged! You encouraged me to start mine and I LOVE IT. I write 5-6 times a week. write write write. be inspired. Inspire others. my friend:)