Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Chapter 6: Restoration

As I tell my journey, I could easily point to others in my life that have caused me pain but that would not be the WHOLE story. My sin in my life was very hidden and no one really knew about it. I had my own set of issues!

I desired freedom and continued to pursue God. I was at a Texas Ablaze conference. Keith Miller asked if anyone there had an addiction, and to please stand up. My world stopped and I knew this was a moment that I had to make a choice...continue to walk out death or decide to choose life. I stood up, petrified yet so desperate for freedom. As Keith came up to me, he asked me what my addiction was -- I told him I had an eating disorder. He called his wife Janet over and they both prayed for me. Instantly, the ridiculous thoughts that would twirl around in my head and drive the eating disorder were gone. I was completely healed at that moment.

Sadly, I continued for another 18 months practicing my eating disorder because I believed that my body would not work correctly. I believed a lie. I had abused it for so many years and I was gripped by fear. I came to a point that I realized that I was not choosing life...I was not believing I had a full healing. I became accountable to a friend and stopped practicing that hideous habit.

God is so gracious, all I had to do was step into the full healing. God's grace was waiting for me to make the complete leap.

He said to her, "Daughter your faith has healed you. Mark 5:34

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