Monday, September 15, 2008

Chapter 3: Pursuit

I would like to report that the storm began to settle down but this was not the became more intense and sad and heartbreaking. Being the great problem solver that I am...I knew that if Eric would just follow "my plan" that our life could resume. The plan was dependent upon him and getting his life back on track.

As I was talk with a friend about my perfect plan.....they asked me...What does God have for you? What does God want you to do? I sat there in stunned silence. I did not have an answer. This was not about me and my behavior...was it? This friend gently suggested that I pursue God and hear what He had for me and I could this by praying, seeking His face, being at every church service, bible study, conference -- I could get to.

Suddenly, I had a different plan, my daughter and I were in hot pursuit of God and His plan for us. I changed my focus...I looked higher (above my problems) to God. What a great adventure we have had and continue!

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