Monday, June 15, 2009

The Waco Zoo

Recently, my daughter and I met our friends in Waco, TX at the Cameron Zoo. The zoo was great...what a pleasant surprise for such a small town zoo!

We all decided to go eat dinner on the Brazos River before heading home. We left with our friends, leaving my car parked in the parking lot. The kids had such a great time...eating and playing along the bank of the Brazos river.

A few hours later we returned to get my car and find a gigantic gate closed over the entrance with a big chain and padlock. My car was locked in the zoo! It is late on a Saturday evening...and I am two hours from home.

I called the non emergency number for the police, who called the forest ranger, who called the zoo keeper. Soon the zoo keeper walked up the drive and unlocked the padlock, removed the chain, and opened the gate.

I was able to retrieve my car and drive home...enough adventure for the day!

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