Friday, November 14, 2008

Love BIG

I think we receive revelation from the Lord. I love revelation from my always impacts my world. What is really great about revelation from God is that it goes deep and deeper. I know we have all heard sermons on the cross. I believe it is one of the most important points of reference in our lives. This week God reminded me of Jesus and the journey He took to get to the cross. Jesus remained so humble - never lashing out at those that wanted to destroy Him. He was attacked from all sides -- mentally, emotionally, and physically. He loved through that walk to the cross and even on the cross -- He emulated love.

I have felt this season God has really spoken to me about walking in love. I have realized that in order to walk in love I have to really humble my heart and mind. That is easy sometimes and sometimes that is difficult. In the difficult moments, I cry out to my Father to help me to humble my heart because I want to walk in love. That usually involves tears but God is so gracious and holds my hand as I allow my fleshly parts to burn up. I want to love other always...I want to love BIG -- just like Him.

Lord Jesus, Thank you for the wonderful experience of walking life out with you and holding your hand. Thank you for being my Father and allowing me to emulate your love for others. I ask for more Lord. I ask for your manifest presence to pour over my life. I ask to see others through your eyes. I humble myself before you and ask that you help me to love others always. I want to love BIG like you! I want others to know the safety and security that I feel having you as my Father. I love you Lord. Amen

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